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At IMD we are committed to developing product that serve our customers changing needs. We continually collaborate with hospitals and medical staff in search of innovative products to improve efficiencies, cost, and drive safety.

Status Indicator – Slider

The Status Indicator Slider is used to identify the status of medical equipment.  It can easily be installed to any surface on a variety of hospital equipment. It can be locked in one position and indicates the following: Clean, Bio Hazard.
PN: 01-1001 – 3x6in Rectangle
PN: 01-1002 – 1x3in Rectangle

If your medical facility has a special need for a specific product please contact us, we can help.

Status Indicator – Disc

The Status Indicator Disc is used to identify the status of medical equipment. It can easily be installed to any surface on a variety of hospital equipment. It can be locked in any position and indicates the following: Clean, Bio Hazard, Complete, Missing Incomplete, and Dry Erase for additional information.
PN: 02-1001 – 8in Round

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